Founder of Recovery Hour Sandra Losty
AKA Recovery Hour

Hi! I’m Sandra Losty aka #RecoveryHour.

I am a person in long term recovery since 1995 and I just cannot help, but be bubbling with enthusiasm for the topic of recovery.

Passing on what I was given is just the best feeling in the world. People in my early days of recovery gave me so much encouragement, they offered me concern when things were tough and celebrated with me when I had a success. Most of all what I appreciated was the time they gave me. They gave of their time willingly so much so that I started to feel like I was a person of worth because people I respected gave me their time.

1 hour a day since 21st March 1995 has kept me on the path of recovery and now that there is so much recovery support online we can tap in that one hour of recovery at any time of the day or night.

A Crisis Response

Recovery Hour on Zoom came about as a response to the Covid 19 Pandemic. I found people on Twitter who were talking openly about being in recovery from addictions and mental health and were supporting each other online. It was so refreshing to me to talk about being in recovery online and have people who understood the struggles and the celebrations.

So on March 17th 2020 a clear idea popped into my head to open a zoom room and invite people into to it to support each other in this very challenging time. Soon enough after that the support rooms closed due to lockdown restrictions. The first meeting of Recovery Hour was March 18th 2020 and a meeting has been held almost every night since then.

You are very welcome to join us for one of our meetings. The meeting tab schedule will show you where to express your interest in attending.

Come in the there is a warm welcome for you here. We have been where you are so you don’t have to walk this journey alone.

Crisis may have brought us together but we stay for the connection.